If you were to scour the ends of the earth in search of the ultimate destination for outdoor fun, the Abaco Islands would certainly top the list. Recreational activities and natural attractions abound. The Bahamas beckons you into the best of nature’s playground. It’s a veritable haven for eco-travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone seeking a tropical adventure paradise. Partake in some of the world’s best snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing — along with bonefishing, shark feedings, deep water fishing.

For a more relaxing afternoon, there are plenty of inviting coves and tucked-away out island nooks that inspire contemplation as well as exploration. Sail, kayak, or paddleboard over waters so clear you can see through to the ocean floor. There’s golf to test your mettle and two protected underwater parks.

If edutainment is more your game, you can arrange a cultural outing complete with a medicine man, village tour, or food Bahamian style. Elbow Cays location is also convenient to Marsh Harbour, home to the second busiest airport in The Bahamas if you crave some urban adventure.

And of course, there’s also our own Tahiti Beach just five minutes from our residential community. This is a perfect spot for swimming, to collect shells, starfish, and sand dollars, especially during low tide, when there is an endless sandbar at many of our beaches this picturesque beach, is secluded, accessible only on foot, bike or by boat, and you’re guaranteed to find a stretch of beach to call your own. if you’d like to be a castaway for a day (or overnight).


Abaco gives you easy access to some of the best sailing in the world. Sailing offers the chance to get out on the water and explore the rich diversity of the islands and explore the waters around the Abaco islands and other hidden treasures. Abaco is a haven for tucked away beaches, uninhabited islands, hidden coves, lush bays, and mile after mile of clear water and healthy reefs teeming with marine life. There are plenty of opportunities to anchor down and snorkel or simply lie under swaying palms on a magical shoreline.

Abaco hosts its fair share of regattas, but two, in particular, stand out. The annual five towns regatta time stretches from the American to the Bahamian independence day celebrations. Sailing sloops, many from the states, bring enthusiasts to Abaco for this fun-filled and exciting racing series. The competition starts in green turtle cay and finishes in Marsh Harbour eight days later. Expect parties all along the way!

Kayaking & Paddleboarding
Bahamas kayaking and paddleboarding is as close to the warm, clear waters of the Bahamas you can be without actually being in the water. Slide into a sea-kayak or a paddleboard and meander along the shore at your own pace, exploring coves, mangroves, bonefish flats and watching sea life as it quietly drifts beneath you. By kayaking and paddleboarding in the Abacos’ you can explore uninhabited cays, hidden caves, blue holes, blow holes and isolated beaches you never knew even existed.

Big Game Fishing
Big game fishing in the bahamas offers big-time thrills. This is fishing at its finest. There are no creatures more perfectly suited to their environment than the ocean’s top gamefish: the white or blue marlin, tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi or sailfish. Whether you enjoy competitive or leisurely fishing, abaco has it all. The fight against a big blue marlin, tuna or wahoo can last for hours – and will be an experience you will never forget.

The Out Islands, lying alongside some of the world’s best big-game waters, offer many chances to experience the heart-stopping sight of a marlin or tuna crashing after a trolled bait, to hear the snap of an outrigger followed instantly by the scream of a reel as a great fish rips away line, and for you to climb into a fighting chair and grab hold of a stout rod alive with the power of a huge fish.

Bonefishing is an addiction, and the Bahamas Out Islands are the best place in the world to feed it. Why all the fuss about a little silver fish? Anyone asking that question has never stalked the beautiful flats of the Out Islands.

Bonefishing brings together skill, finesse and stealth like no other form of fishing. There’s no half-million dollar boat under you, no big winch of a reel and thick rod. Instead, you’re either wading on foot or balancing on the casting deck of a small boat designed for “skinny” water. You are equipped with good sunglasses, a wisp of a rod and a lure about the size and weight of a… well, a fly. Bonefishing on the flats. Abaco is the ultimate fishing destination!


Bahamas Beaches
The range of beautiful beaches in The Bahamas Out Islands is dazzling. Many of the most beautiful Bahama beaches are right out in front of your door (that’s probably why we built there!). While you’ll come across other stunning strands far away from any sign of development, there are spots where yours are sure to be the only footprints that secluded beach will see all day.

Seven hundred Caribbean islands and each one of them surrounded by clear blue water: Is it any wonder that The Bahamas contain some of the most beautiful beaches in the world? The Out Islands’ best beaches rival any that you can find anywhere in the Caribbean—and even better, each comes with the added Out Island attraction of being further from the crowds and closer to nature.

Some may not even have an official name, so feel free to call that beautiful beach your own.

Adventure Hikes
Nature trail in the out islands isn’t just about where you’re going, but what you’ll see along the way. Seek out flocks of brilliantly colored Bahama Amazons, Atala butterfly, and our green anole lizard. The Out Islands of The Bahamas are famous for the crystal blue water, white and pink sand beaches and every water sport imaginable.

But while the Bahamas provides a wonderland for water lovers, there’s plenty to explore on land and off the beaten path. Think iguanas, Caribbean parrots, and stunning orchids in every color imaginable. You’ll see all of this and more on an adventurous Bahamas nature hike. Visit with the locals and enjoy freshly caught conch with a squeeze of lime and an ice cold Kalik.

Golfer’s Paradise
Whether you are a scratch player or just looking to have some fun with friends, there’s golf for everyone to enjoy in the Out Islands. We have three challenging regulation 18-hole courses to choose from: two of which boast amazing ocean views from every angle, The Abaco Club at Winding Bay on Great Abaco Island and the Sandals Emerald Bay Resort and Spa on Great Exuma Island. The third course is a terrific course and a great island value; Treasure Cay Golf Course, also located on Great Abaco at the Treasure Cay Beach, Marina and Golf Resort.

Island Hoping
Discover Bahamian settlements lost in time on small island cays. Unique 18th-century settlements painted in Bahamian hues abound in the Abaco Islands. Visit the small islands of Elbow Cay, Great Guana Cay, Green Turtle Cay, and Man-O-War Cay. Drive Marsh Harbour, the one-stoplight capital of the Abaco Islands, style and character come naturally. The Abaco Islands are less about destinations and activities than about getting lost in a wide-open palette of towns, beaches, and wildernesses. Locals are friendly and quick to share stories of their island lifestyle and history.


Snorkeling & Diving
Snorkeling and diving in the Bahamas, with its crystal clear water and striking diversity of marine life, with the primary reef structures, are seldom deeper than 30 to 40 feet. Few places in the world offer a wider variety of snorkeling and diving opportunities than the out islands, including wrecks, reefs, blue holes, sea gardens, caves, walls, shallow shoals and encounters with dolphins and sharks.

Whether you’re a beginning snorkeler or an experienced spearfisherman, you’ll create memories from your underwater adventures that last a lifetime.

Shark Diving & Feeding
To those unfamiliar with the day to day patterns and behavior of sharks, it seems almost unfathomable that anyone would willingly put himself close to them. This, however, is precisely what is happening every day in the Bahamas. Here, divers are given the chance to observe these magnificent marine creatures at very close range in a surprisingly safe fashion

Shark feeding is another experience not to be missed. With the assistance of professional dive masters, Caribbean reef shark, bull sharks, great hammerheads, and the female lemon sharks – a close-up encounter with one of Abacos biggest predators at the protected underwater national reserve and national park.

Blue Holes
These intriguing phenomena can be found both on land and out to sea. While on the surface they can be a summer’s delightful swimming hole – dive a little deeper and you’ll find a world of discovery (and danger). Unless you’re a very experienced diver and are bringing backup, you’re probably best off to sign on with a guide.

Early inhabitants of the Bahamas both feared and revered the country’s many mysterious blue holes; today’s visiting divers and snorkelers will find these natural wonders fascinating places to explore.